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The 30T Roodberg Slipway Trailer is situated at Portumna Marine, Co. Galway, and is used to facilitate the launch and recovery of boats varying in size and weight.

With a specialised construction, the trailers are well-suited for offering smooth and seamless boat transportation to ensure maximum convenience. Customers can rely on Roodberg's slipway trailers to easily transport their boats without damaging them, ensuring that they can enjoy a hassle-free boating and boat maintenance experience.

Why choose a Roodberg Slipway Trailer?

- Roodberg trailers feature a sturdy and durable U-shaped construction that requires minimal maintenance.

- The height-adjustable frame is designed to fit snugly against the vessel's hull, offering secure transport without risk of damage.

- Transporting boats of different lengths is made possible with length-adjustable drawbars, while a steering drawbar allows for maneuverability in any position.

- The lifting cylinders are developed on-site ensuring quality and reliability, and include pilot-operated check valves for optimum safety.

With these features, Roodberg trailers are guaranteed to provide a safe, efficient, and hassle-free solution for transporting vessels of various sizes and shapes. Roodberg has a reputation for exceptional build quality, innovative design, and excellent customer service, providing peace of mind for boat owners, boatyards and marinas alike.


For additional information, please reach out to our sales team to find out more about the full range of Roodberg products -


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